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Posted on November 16, 2018 at 5:00 PM
Dark, cold mornings can make getting out of bed even harder than it already is. While it becomes easier to hit snooze when the weather is not agreeing with you, it is important to get out of bed on time regardless of how chilly your home may have gotten over night. Our mornings set the stage for our whole day, so we shouldn???t just snooze them away. Set a Soothing Alarm An alarm clock, or more likely your cell phone alarm, is a necessary evil for waking up in the morning. Many people choose to wake up to the classic *eeeh oooh eeeh ooh* alarm hoping the loud annoying sound will jolt their bodies awake. According to an article by MindBodyGreen, classic alarm tones do just that, rush your body to wake up rather than letting it happen at a natural pace. The loud scary alarm tone can make your brain release adrenaline, the fight or flight hormone. Adrenaline increases your heart rate and can make you feel stressed, leaving you frazzled for your morning. Sleep doctors recommend waking up to the following melodic tones: 1.) Ripples 2.) Harp Take A Hot Shower Taking a hot shower in the morning will: 1.) increase blood circulation, warming you up for the rest of the day. 2.) Decrease potential stress, and anxiety about all of the tasks you have to complete in your day. 3) Feel amazing To trap all of the heat generated in your body during your shower, dry off and get dressed right away. Walking around with wet hair could put you back to square one of coldness. Make a Warm Breakfast Your first meal of the day should gently invite your body to wake up and start running again, and a warm breakfast will do just that! Eating a warm breakfast will help keep your insides up to body temp. When you eat a cold breakfast, your body works over time to heat your intestines and stomach back up. So if indulge in a nice warm cup of oatmeal, your body can spend energy heating up the rest of your body rather than your stomach. . Pick out your Clothes the Night Before Picking out your outfit the night before can save you time and energy in the morning, aka more time to stay under the covers. Turn your Thermostat Up: It may cost you a little bit more money each month, but your happiness will be worth it. Research recommends an indoor temp of 72 degrees during the winter. Winter is going to continue to forge on, likely for several months. Hopefully these tips will help you stay warm and productive in the morning this season.

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